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What are the ages of children in your program?

Les Petits Francophones will welcome children from age12 weeks through kindergarten entry at our new location. 

Can I visit the school?

We currently offer in-person (adults only). Parents of prospective students can also sign up for a virtual tour by emailing . The tour will include information about the school’s philosophy of education and the curriculum, answers to your questions, and a visit to our classrooms. 


What is the process to apply?

You’ll need to submit an application along with a non-refundable application fee after visiting our school. Once we receive your application and application fee, we will draft your contract. After receiving your contract and the $500 commitment fee deposit, your registrations is complete. We will be in touch with you 30 days prior the starting date to complete the file and pay the $250 enrollment fee. 

Does my child need to be potty-trained to attend LPF?

No, your child does not need to be potty-trained. Note that we charge a small monthly fee for diapering/toilet training. You are responsible to bring diapers, diaper cream, and wipes for your child. Once you and our team feel that your child is ready for toilet training, we will work with you on the process. We usually start toilet training around 2.5 years old; your child will need to be toilet trained before moving to the three-year-old class. 

Does my child need to speak French to attend LPF?

No, your child does not need to speak French to attend LPF. We pride ourselves in having a very diverse community and welcome families from all backgrounds. We do recommend that your child attends at least three days per week if no French is spoken at home.

Will my child feel lost if she/he does not speak French?

The acquisition of an additional language is a process. Children understand a language that they do not speak very quickly; the speaking part usually comes at around four years old, especially if the second language is not spoken outside of the school setting. We use a lot of repetition throughout the day, linked to activities, and specific tasks. If we see that your child is having difficulty, we will provide English translation to facilitate the learning experience.

What about very shy and sensitive children or boisterous and energetic children? 

We provide an environment that allows for the full development of each child as an individual and as a contributing member of society. Our goal is to help each child find and develop independence, confidence, imagination, creativity, self-direction, a sense of belonging responsibility, self-discipline, self-acceptance, self-expression, and love of learning.


Our teachers and staff have extensive training and experience in early childhood education. That means that we manage the classroom in a calm and productive way, engage children face-to-face when they’re having a challenging moment, and build a warm and supportive rapport with each child. For one child, we’re helping a child with a lot of energy to find a way to get his or her sillies out, while for shy children we’re drawing them out of their shells over time. 


What schools do students go to after they leave LPF?

Students attend both public and private schools when they leave LPF. Most families choose neighborhood anglophone schools, the Francophone Charter School of Oakland, and Ecole Bilingue in Berkeley. For students who attend English-language schools, many go on to participate in after-school French programs with Education Française  Bay Area

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