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Mission and Core Values

Les Petits Francophones is a dual immersion infant center and preschool dedicated to offering a French education to Bay Area families, at an affordable price. Our year-round program serves children age 12 weeks to 5.

Our Mission


The mission of Les Petits Francophones is to provide a dual immersion infant center and pre-school experience in a safe and joyful environment that recognizes each child's uniqueness and fosters growth, exploration, movement and connection to the world and each other.

How do we achieve our mission?

  1. We provide an enriching francophone learning environment with play-based and guided activities, which empowers children to discover, explore, and develop by building communities within their classrooms. We encourage curiosity, experimentation, humor, and inquiry.

  2. We value fun, movement, and children's innate sense of wonder and search for truth.

  3. We foster a culture of teamwork, honesty, kindness, and strong relationships with both children and adults and seek to ensure that we all have a place to grow. 

  4. We recognize that collaboration, cooperation, practical knowledge, problem solving, self-regulation, and social-emotional competencies are key to preparing our children for success in life both during preschool and beyond.

  5. We recruit and maintain a diverse student body and staff that reflect the richness of francophone cultures and our local community.

  6. We hold ourselves accountable for our commitments to these values and goals. 

Goals that we have for our Petits Francophones

Play • Move your body. Discover new and varied things • Connect with others • Feel safe • Experience nurturing environment. Love • Learn practical skills Develop problem-solving skills • Sing and dance • Feel joy • Learn to manage frustration 

Our Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity:  Maintain a culture of trust with children, parents, teachers and within our community

  • Respect: Foster respect for oneself and others, for diversity, and for the Earth

  • ​Shared Community: Recognize our connectedness and build up our children and each other because "it takes a village to raise a child"

  • Kindness: Lead with love, warmth, and empathy to create an environment where children, families and staff flourish

  • Perseverance: Help children develop perseverance and resilience. Weather challenges as a community.

  • Fun: Instill the joy of discovery through play, movement, self-expression and creativity. 

Opening to our new campus in January 24 welcoming infants, toddlers and preschoolers!
What the Parents Say

"It has been my dream for my child to learn a second language during her critical preschool years. I consider this an opportunity of a lifetime that I wish I had. I didn't start languages until high school. My daughter took to the teachers, class, and environment immediately. The teachers create a perfect balance between a loving environment and a structured classroom".

-Ingrid S.

"As non-native French speakers, we were skeptical that our daughter would become fluent just by attending bi-lingual preschool.  But after one year at LPF, there was a clear moment when she switched from speaking mostly English to mostly French.  It was amazing to see just how much she was absorbing everyday at LPF".

- Erika L

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